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What Does Being an LGUC Strategic Partner – Mean?


Our Managing Member is awake at three a.m.—if you are. If something in your operation, project or business life cycle is critical—(*) LGUC is aware, engaged and ‘outcome supportive’! We are the business partner that will strive with you, through the challenges to reach victories which elevate, complete and change.

We will bring the full (*) LGUC Menu of Resources to your organizational and personal success:

  • Commercial Insurance Brokerage
  • Insurance Agent
  • Insurance & Risk Management Consulting
  • Business Critical Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) Strategic Partnerships



The Business of Relationships

The LLC Member responsible for insurance business relations is a relationship savant! He is singularly unmatched in his ability to cultivate, nurture and sustain client relationships. His selection as a Leader, underlies our visceral belief that, “Business” is the business of relationships.

The Member is tasked with “knowing” your organizational mission, operational needs and challenges, emerging and legacy issues, peripheral… knowing you (and your needs) as the client. With the goal of establishing a Strategic Partnership.*

We invest ‘exclusively’ in relationships of Strategic Partnership.*

*Strategic Partnership is a willful choice.  Among the many and varied business choices–we have selected each other.  We singularly seek our “common interest.” Our interest in and support of you, your vision and our legacy is embarrassingly without limit.


Our Specialties

All Resources… Invested In A Selected Few


  • Commercial Businesses Clients Controlled by Visionary Individual or Leadership Group (Seeking Strategic Partner)


  • Senior Management or Key Person Employee Benefits—Exclusively 


  • Supportive Housing Developers 


  • Co-Brokerage with National Brokers & Related Strategic Partners e.g. OCIP’s & CCIP’s


Our Unique (*) LGUC Strengths


Large Project Experience Equity

“Make no small plans…” … Our members have successfully managed billions of dollars in large project construction cost. We have done so in dense metropolitan areas; managing design-build constraints as well as the project principle that “if it can go wrong, it will”!

Strategic Collaboration

Our senior leadership Experience Equity includes insurance company management; national brokerage management; national and state professional association leadership; public-private partnerships as well as insurance industry legislative lobbying.

Our Experience Equity equals a unique and unmatched service network for our clients!

Client-Centered Consultation

Your organization’s best interest is the highest business interest of (*) LGUC. This principle guides all service and character decisions. As entrepreneurs, we understand on a visceral level—the value of tested resources. Strategic partners in key areas, allow a Leader to focus upon and execute Mission.

To be the most informed on the issues that matter the most—to you and your Mission.

Collaboration (Exponential Multiplier)

Our Managing Member is convinced that a few people sharing a common and dynamic interest is an unstoppable force!

A compelling Vision will attract divergent interest. Discovering and articulating the common interest among those divergent interest—is the unique (*) LGUC skill.

1 + Infinity = Infinity


Selecting The Right Advisor

Professional consulting capacity is limited only by the practitioners’ innate talent, investment in craft and organizational capacity. No matter how talented you are as a consultant, you can only provide ‘special service’ for a few ‘special’ clients.

In recognition of this service capacity and return issue—(*) LGUC specifically limits the number and type of clients each (*) LGUC Account Advisor provides service to.

Each (*) LGUC Account Advisor is limited to X number of Core Clients (client success = (*) LGUC success). The number of Specialty Clients ((*) LGUC offers a unique service advantage) is also limited to X.  Finally, an Account Advisor is allowed X number of Macro Clients (passion projects /product, mission and / or talent will change an ecosystem).

*Optimum Client Service and Satisfaction Ratio is our base business success measure.

Privacy Statement :

We respect your privacy. Your data is only used to provide personalized service to you and will
not be shared without your specific permission.


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