(*) LGUC provides best-in-class insurance brokerage, risk management consulting and related business services. We are a boutique firm that seeks to do a few things, exceptional well—for a few clients! That’s what we do—the how, contains the unique client experience!

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As a client—three things will mark your Experience with (*) LGUC:

  • The Leverage and Return of Strategic Partnership
  • The Exponential Impact of Collaboration
  • Macro Mission or Big Picture Impact (2050 Market, Talent & Leadership)

As a Leader—secure, peer, feedback is invaluable. As an industry or sector Pioneer—having a sounding board to set cardinal navigation points is equally, invaluable. This is the starting point of the (*) LGUC business mission and your service experience. We want to offer a unique service and operational relationship to Industry Leaders and Thought Pioneers.

We have assembled LLC Members seeking, a very specific client-consulting experience—strategic, invested, and mutually-impactful. Why not do something interesting and meaningful?


Strategic Partnership

We just don’t believe you can be everything to everyone. We are seeking a few valued client relationships to invest our organizational present and future in.

We don’t believe that a professional can be excellent at all things. We seek a specific type of account advisor to support specific clients. The most important skills and information are those which are most important to you—our client.

We have built our culture and mission upon the belief that leveraged investment yields leveraged returns.




Targeted and symbiotic collaboration is a service and impact multiplier! Collaboration exponentially increases the group’s experience equity, technical capacity and influence vortex. The Members of (*) LGUC have deep mines of industry relationship. We are three calls away from any critical resource or nexus that our client is in need of.

Collaboration… the Ultimate Equalizer and Level Playing Field.


Big Picture Impact


At (*) LGUC we suffer from the delusion that small things matter. History is replete with individuals that have had an outsized impact on their community, industry or age.

Daily we ask ourselves… will this small act, completed with excellence—impact the Greater?

No act exist in isolation. Every act has impact, cost and or return. Small steps lead to great victory.